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Senographe DMR+ Refurbished with Warranty GE

As the pioneer in breast imaging for the last two decades, GE has continued to be a leader in mammographic innovation, introducing a number of technological breakthroughs - from the first rotating anode to the application of rhodium for enhanced image quality. In the process, Senographe has become the recognized leader, with the world's largest installed base of mammography systems.

Salient Features:

  • 18x24cm Bucky and Compression Paddle.
  • 24x30cm Bucky and Compression Paddle.
  • Magnification Stand and Compression Paddle.
  • Spot and Spot Magnification Compression Paddles.
  • Control Console.
  • Lead Glass.
  • Foot Pedals.
  • Patient ID Flasher.
  • 7 Apertures.
  • 2 Footswitches.

Product Brochure: